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Mario the Maker Magician
electronic press kit


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Mario the Maker Magician
electronic press kit


Mario the Maker Magician


Robots and magic and slapstick… oh my! Contagiously upbeat and full of heart, the ever-endearing Mario leads you through a romping explosion of energy and belly laughs punctuated with moments of heart and emotion that will catch you by surprise. Not “just a kids’ show,” this is an all-ages theater experience… for adults, kids, families… everyone.

Mario the Maker Ma
gician weaves through a world of vaudeville and magic, cardboard and robots, science and innovation, to instill a positive message that will last in the minds and hearts of all who partake in the hour-long journey together.

The show has toured the US and beyond over the past several years, shaping into the beautifully passionate expression of all-ages theater that it is today. Mario also has appeared on Sesame Street, Universal Kids, and live on tour with David Blaine, who calls him "the best kids’ magician in the world!!”


“the best kids magician in the world!!”

-David Blaine


“Mario’s work creates opportunity. The opportunity to inspire people to break free from stagnation and to create. It’s an opportunity to take what’s come before and expand it into new directions. That’s an incredible gift.”

-David Copperfield


“magic with a soupçon of science”

-The New York Times

“instant and infectious chaos in the best possible way” (5 stars)


“his genuine investment in the future creative endeavors of these kids shines through" (4 stars)

-The Scotsman

“passionately curious about the world, and determined to share his wonder with an audience” (5 stars)

-The List UK


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