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Thank you for joining the robot magic revolution!
This page contains everything you'll need to get your Snake Pop Bot assembled and popping!  Please tag Mario in your Snake Pop Bot social media posts! We can't wait to see what you do with it!

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HOW TO ASSEMBLE Your snake pop bot:

Before you begin, you'll need: a small Phillips head screwdriver, a small flathead screwdriver, and 4 AA batteries. You may also wish to use some duct tape to finish your project.

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The Snake Pop Bot is OPEN SOURCE!
Files + code can be found right here:

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the sequence for this routine is pre-programmed on track one of your snake pop bot! To access it, assemble your kit, turn on the battery pack, and press play on the board! To switch to another track, to record your own sequence, press + hold the "track select" button for 3 seconds and release. The LED will blink 2 times for track 2, 3 times for track 3, etc. to record on a track, press and hold the "rec" button for 3 seconds and release. the LED light will blink to indicate recording. press the various buttons to record your desired sequence. Remember, the board remembers your delays as well! when you're done, press and hold "rec" for 3 seconds again and release. the LED will stop blinking. Press play to play what you just recorded!

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The Snake Pop Bot kit is a collaboration between Mario the Maker Magician and Jumping snakes engineering. Meet the creators:

MEET Mario
Mario the Maker Magician


Mario "the Maker Magician" Marchese is a New York-based touring family performer, author, and creator who has appeared on Sesame Street, NBC's Universal kids, HGTV, and live on tour with David Blaine, who calls him "the best kids magician in the world!!" He's forever aiming to push his art forward with DIY robotics, punk rock slapstick, and lots of cardboard.

His pandemic creation, Automabot the Cardboard Robot, went bonkers on social media, and has appeared on TV in the US and Japan, doing his best to take over Mario's job.

Mario is the author of The Maker Magician's Handbook and his newest release, Robot Magic, which includes a foreword by David Copperfield. Both of Mario's titles were published by the folks behind Make: Magazine, leaders in the Maker Movement.

Mario's 2022 tour dates have been announced! Catch a show, connect with us online, and keep on making!

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Jumping Snakes Engineering


Pete Lewis grew up playing guitar and making remote control model airplanes. His college years were spent completing a music degree at University of Colorado, while also running Rock On Audio, a business he founded, designing and manufacturing audio equipment and in-ear monitors.


Since 2007, Pete has worked for SparkFun Electronics, lending his experience to projects in manufacturing, educational kit design, cryptographic security, motor control and various microcontroller hardware and software design.


Always scheming with Mario on their next collaboration, Pete continues his love for aviation by adding a little magic to his current side project: an aerobatic RC glider plane that will fly both forwards and backwards!


More of Pete’s projects:


How to Build a Hack-Proof Garage Door Opener 


Enginursday: Two-Wheeled Robot Precision Driving with Encoder Feedback


Enginursday: Boulder Bounces Trampoline Project


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