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Mario the Maker Magician LIVE!

a touring robot magic theater Experience for all ages

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now booking in-person dates 2022 and beyond!

It’s magic through the lens of the Maker Movement!

Industry innovator Mario the Maker Magician brings you a family theater experience full of original MAGIC, handmade ROBOTS, and modern SLAPSTICK. It's fast-paced, interactive, uplifting, and hilarious.  Dubbed by his industry as “magic’s punk rock Peter Pan philosopher," Mario has appeared on Sesame Street, NBC’s Universal Kids, and even live on tour with David Blaine!


“the best kids magician in the world!!”

-David Blaine


“Mario’s work creates opportunity. The opportunity to inspire

people to break free from stagnation and to create. It’s an opportunity to take what’s

come before and expand it into new directions. That’s an incredible gift.”

-David Copperfield


“magic with a soupçon of science”

-The New York Times


“Mario's robots combine really solid magic principles with

electronics and a Calder-like charm but more ingenuity and wit.”

-Teller of Penn & Teller

Do what you love,
use what you have,
and have fun.

bring Mario to your stage:


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