The classic snake-in-a-can gag meets DIY MAGIC! With this original Mario the Maker Magician kit, you'll assemble an electronic Snake-in-a-Can, introducing you to the world of programming, robotics, pranks, and how these tools can be used to create surprise, magic, and comedy.


• includes a custom microcontroller board controller for PLAYBACK and RECORDING of robotic magic sequences

• no coding or computer needed!

• learn about SERVOS, BUZZERS, BUTTONS, and LEDs

• pre-programmed with a magic routine written by Mario, PLUS you can make your own

• OPEN-SOURCE, hackable, and adaptable --> fully RE-PROGRAMMABLE with ARDUINO software


This NEW + IMPROVED edition has an upgraded, higher quality servo, redesigned lid assembly, and NEW additional SOUNDS! 


This kit includes:

• the custom Snake Pop Bot microcontroller board with buttons

• "mixed nuts" can with spring snake

• custom wooden lid assembly with plastic screw and metal nut

• servo motor with servo horns and screws

• battery housing with on/off switch

• QR code card with link to build-along assembly video, magic performance suggestion video, and more


Not included, but you'll also need:

• 4 AA batteries

• small Phillips head screwdriver

• small flat head screwdriver

• duct tape (optional)


created by Mario the Maker Magician

in collaboration with Jumping Snakes Engineering


WARNING: This kit is intended for adults and teens over the age of 13. The release of a metal spring snake is dangerous if pointed at someone at close range. This kit also contains small electronic components that can be sharp if not handled with care. Choking Hazard. Small parts. Keep away from children under 3.

Snake Pop Bot: a maker magic prank kit

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