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performer consult sessions

with Mario + Katie on Zoom

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"If you need a motivational jumpstart to work on your professional goals, you NEED to book a session with Mario & Katie. Their energy & direction motivated me to get to work, make positive changes, and feel good about my direction. Thank you Katie & Mario!"

-Bri Crabtree

"It’s been hard for me to think of anything but our consulting session. First time in my 20 year career that I truly felt like I had a branding direction. Thank you so much for everything!"

-Bryan Saint


"When it comes to information on how to become a better performer, never ask a rock how to swim. But if you want to be a Rock Star Magician, then Mario & Katie's 1 on 1 consultation can help get you sailing. Whether you're looking for help on developing your on-stage character, branding or breathing new life to current effects, Mario & Katie are the secret behind the secret to you achieving your goals. So, you want proof?  I was able to book two events based on a concept that Katie and I came up with after our FIRST SESSION. Don't get me wrong this not a "magic" system, it will require some work and patience, but in the end, you will be happily navigating the wonderful world of entertainment. So Sayeth Ran Shine." 

-Ran'D Shine

"My consultation with Katie was the best investment I’ve made in a LONG time. We worked JUST on my website/branding for an hour, and her insights were spot on. There have been so many things I’ve WANTED to say with my site, but couldn’t crack it until I got Katie’s perspective. She also showed me strategies and short cuts to have on my site that I hadn’t thought of before, and I was able to implement immediately. If someone takes their career and thus their branding seriously, I can’t think of a better investment than to book a session with Katie. I can’t wait to book another session!"

-Joe Diamond

"Katie and Mario are some of the best brand people I know! As a professional worker, I cannot think of anybody else that I would want to help me with my branding! I tell everyone of my friends that want to take their stuff to the next level that they have to go to Katie and Mario."

-John Michael Hinton

Mario and Katie’s consultation for my comedy magic show was so many things for my money. They’re a team that comes in like a creative tornado and gives you their take on your product from all angles. Their perspective is not only fresh and current, but also artistic and smart. You are getting the benefit of their experience in the current market. They’re a strong force in the industry today and impart what they’ve learned from being out in the field right now. Yet their approach to guiding you is not condescending but instead down to earth and respectful. You are colleagues from the get go. And even with all that my favorite topping to their enchilada is their artistic spirit. They never lose site of that. You get that in everything that they impart to you. And with that they will recharge you, in the best possible way!

-Fred “Wildcat Jackson” Blanco


"My private consult session with Mario and Katie was AMAZING! They thoroughly researched my magic business before our session and genuinely cared about helping me and my business grow! They asked several questions to make sure they understood my needs and wants. Their creativity and ideas gave me so much value to make my magic shows so much better! I have several pages of notes from our session! Mario and Katie are working pros who know what they are doing! Thank you Mario and Katie for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and creativity to help me take my show to the next level!" 

-Jason Fun 


"Mario and Katie’s consultation was more than just giving advice. Our session was filled with motivating and inspiring strategies and tips to help me improve my family and children’s magic shows. Mario and Katie quickly built a rapport with me by using humor and a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. Even after 20 years of magic, Katie and Mario gave me a new focus and a fresh take on what I do. PS....if these sessions were college, it would be  like going to Harvard lol...#Truth"

-Eric Davis

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